Officers and Executive Board

2019-2020  Officers and Executive Board

President:  Sylvia Ostos –

Vice President:  Bunny Bond –

Secretary:  Shannon Palmquist –

Treasurer:  Bob Shipman –

Past President:  Val Ostarch –


The board meets on the last Tuesday of the month at 1 p.m. at the Doyle School Community Center, 110 W. Barnett Street, Kerrville. Anyone interested is welcome to attend

Meet Your Board Members – Secretary Shannon Palmquist 

Shannon Palmquist

Shannon Palmquist is a retired University of Texas at Austin employee. She retired in 2012 as a buyer at the Center for Transportation Research, a research center for the College of UT Engineering. Before her career at UT, Shannon was a Texas public school teacher. She taught high school chemistry and English, middle school science and English, and was a middle school counselor. She also wrote children’s books.

As a senior at the University of Houston, she was one of two selected to complete her student teaching at an American school in Brasilia, Brazil. In 2010, Shannon was selected as an Outstanding UT employee from over 500+ Austin employees.

Shannon has earned three degrees: a BS in biology from the University of Houston, a BA in English education from the University of Houston and an MS in Personnel and Guidance from Texas A&M in Commerce, Texas.

She has been happily married to Michael T. Palmquist for 46 years. Michael is the retired Adjutant Emeritus of the Texas American Legion. They have two sons, one daughter, and two grandchildren. Currently she lives with her husband and a 16-year-old Havenese dog on 18 acres outside of Kerrville towards Medina. During her free time she enjoys working outdoors on their property, crafts and sewing for her granddaughter.

Shannon became involved with HCTDW because of Sue Sommers. While they were both volunteering as election officials at the Callouix Center, Sue just mentioned that there was a wonderful organization that was involved in democratic issues and asked if she would she like to attend their luncheon.