Legislative Report

Legislative Report from Mary Ellen Summerlin

To say this is a unique election is surely the understatement of the century! But amid all the pandemic-related adjustments we are all making, another very big change may get lost in the shuffle. And it’s one we need to prepare for and help all our friends be ready for: NO MORE STRAIGHT TICKET VOTING.

That means we need to be prepared to make a choice on many different offices, including judges and even the city council members, as their May election was pushed back to November.

So the ballot will be three pages long. Each of us can help combat the “ballot shock” people may feel when they see it’s going to take a few more minutes to vote.

An organization that is working on this problem specifically is called Vote for Every Democrat. You can find it online at https://voteforeverydemocrat.com and on Facebook. It welcomes donations to further its work.