House bills continue to move to committees
Below please find the list of bills sent to committee in the Texas House as of 02/28/2023, as well as links to the committees involved. By clicking on the name of each committee you’ll be taken to the committee page on the Texas.gov website. From there select the name of the person you wish to contact to be taken to their individual page, which will have their individual contact information. The most important person you can contact on each committee is the chair, as it is the committee chair who decides what bills are even considered.

You don’t need to identify yourself as a Democrat, simply as a voter in House District 53 (Bandera & Kerr) or House District 19 (Gillespie). 

To make it easier, click on the subject you’d be interested in commenting on:

Abortion, Education, Medicaid Expansion, and Redistricting

As always, I hope you’ll take a few moments to make your voice heard. 

Audra Arr
Legislative Chair
Bill: HJR 56
Summary: Proposing a constitutional amendment to limit the legislature’s ability to pass laws prohibiting access to abortion care.
Party: D
Committee: State Affairs

Bill: HJR 62
Summary: Proposing a constitutional amendment establishing an individual’s right to personal reproductive autonomy.
Party: D
Committee: State Affairs

Bill: HJR 37
Summary: Proposing a constitutional amendment protecting private schools, including homeschools, from state and local regulation.
Party: R
Committee: Public Education

Bill: HJR 7, HJR 17
Summary:  Proposing a constitutional amendment to accept Federal Medicaid funds offered under the Affordable Care Act.
Party: D
Committee: Health Care Reform, Select

Bill: HJR 15
Summary: Proposing a constitutional amendment establishing an independent redistricting commission to establish districts for the election of the members of the United States House of Representatives elected from this state, the Texas Senate, and the Texas House of Representatives.
Party: D
Committee: Redistricting