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Jackie Morales –

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Announcing New County Chair – Jackie Morales!

The Kerr County Democratic Party would like to introduce their new county chair, Jackie Morales. When past chair, Barbara Veldiuzen, tendered her resignation, a transition team was formed to determine the process for appointing a new county chair. Once that was determined, a call for letters of intent and resumes was issued. The transition team presented those documents to the county executive committee whose responsibility it is to appoint a new chair. Jackie Morales will serve until the spring of 2024 when a new chair will be elected.

Jackie was born and raised in Del Rio. She has Kickapoo Native American, Hispanic, and Mexican-American backgrounds in her heritage. She says her immigrant father, Jose Luis Ramirez, Sr. worked hard to stay in America so he and his family could live the American Dream. Her mother, Magdalena Acosta Porras, a fiercely independent woman, raised nine children on her own and has always encouraged her to be honest with people and always give your opinion. “If you don’t speak up, you will never be heard.” These words have been her fire with all the things she is passionate about.

She has built her career around various healthcare functions including handling billing, coding, procedure authorization, and being a scribe. The Covid pandemic has helped her feel honored to be in the healthcare field, not only because her participation helps others, but also because she has the opportunity to witness the unselfish devotion of dedicated medical professionals.

Jackie is committed to a number of causes including equal rights, Black Lives Matter, prison reform, increasing the minimum wage, healthcare for all, accountability, and many other principles and values that are important to Democrats.

Jackie served as precinct chair for the party, serves as board member of the Hill Country Chapter of Texas Democratic Women, and during the recent election cycle served as campaign field representative for TX-21 Democratic Nominee, Claudia Zapata. One of her duties was to organize assistance and fundraising in precinct 314 for the Zapata Response Team.

“I believe in order to move forward in Kerr County as the Kerr County Democratic Party, we have to accept the challenges and learn from our mistakes in order to grow. We need to build our local party’s membership with young democrats, we need to encourage young voters to vote, and we need to build community trust in the process of democracy.

Although many of us felt defeated after the 2022 general election, we must not stop fighting for the very basic human rights that others take for granted. No, we must continue to fight for those rights at local, state, and federal levels.

I accept this challenge and look forward to working to make the Kerr Democratic Party stronger.

Jackie Morales, Chair, KCDP”

Visit our website or call 830-329-2616 for more information about the party. Join us for a meet & greet with Jackie from 4-6 on Sunday, January 29 at our office! We’ll have snacks cake, music and a photo booth