2023 Membership Directory

The 2023 Membership Directory will be coming to your inbox soon. Notice the asterisk next to some of the names. Those names are members that had not renewed by the time of publication. The directory comes from the state TDW and hasn’t updated the list for 2023.

From Kerr County Dems

Precinct Chairs Needed

Currently only 11 of our 20 precincts have precinct chairs. In order to be as effective as we possibly can be, we need to fill those vacancies. We’d only ask you to do what you’re comfortable doing, so if you’re interested, or have questions about what’s involved, please reach out to¬†kerrdemad@gmail.com. The vacant precincts are: 109, 118, 202, 211, 215, 308, 404, 410 and 416.