Meeting Minutes


Hill Country Chapter Texas Democratic Women

Doyle Community Center

June 29, 2022

Present:  Coral Adema, Stephanie Ertel, Jackie Morales, Julie Sentell, Mary Ellen Summerlin, Lynette Wedig

Absent:  Virginia Sawin

Call to Order:

Vice President, Lynette Wedig, called the meeting to order, in the president’s absence, at 11:05 a.m.


The minutes of June 29 and April 26 (with a spelling error corrected) were approved without objection.

Treasurer’s Report:

Julie reported a net loss in June of $90 which represent regular expenditures for our legal services and two $20 donations to the Doyle Center in lieu of meeting room charges.  She reported receiving thank you notes from Barbara Veldhuizen and Lynn Oliver for our donations to the Kerr County and the Bandera County parties.  Julie will be out of town in coming weeks but has the information for the July 15 Ethics Commission Report turned in.

Officer changes:

The Board next took up the resignation of the president, Virginia Sawin.  After some discussion Julie moved to accept the resignation contained in Virginia’s June 12 email to Lynette.  Jackie seconded the motion which was adopted unanimously.  The secretary was asked to notify Virginia by mail, and the communications chair to report succinctly in the next newsletter in mid-July.  Lynette was unanimously appointed to the unexpired presidential term on a motion by Mary Ellen seconded by Coral.  The board brainstormed nominees for vice president and asked Coral to reactivate the nominations committee to provide a nominee for the July board meeting.

Venue Selection:

After hearing reports on the various venue options for monthly membership meetings the Board decided to arrange for first Tuesday luncheon meetings at Rails for a cost of $17.32 per person on a motion by Julie, seconded by Jackie.  The charge to members is to be determined, but considering the fact that we won’t have to renew the liability insurance in August for about $600, the budget may be able to subsidize part of the difference.  Lynette will confirm with Rails.

Candidate contributions:

Following discussion the Board agreed to disperse the $2500 designated for campaign contributions on a motion by Stephanie, seconded by Coral, as follows:

            Rochelle Garza, candidate for Attorney General – $700

            Janet Dudding, candidate for State Comptroller – $350

            Susan Hays, candidate for Agriculture Commissioner – $350

Kathy Jones-Hospod, candidate for state Senate from District 24 – $350

Irene Rios, candidate for Court of Appeals 4th District – $350

Joe Herrera, candidate for state House of Representatives, District 53 – $350

Elected officers voting in the affirmative included Julie, Mary Ellen, and Lynette as provided by the bylaws for decisions involving expenditures.  Julie will send the checks.

The Board noted that it is illegal for us as a Texas PAC to contribute to federal candidates such as Claudia Zapata, but we will definitely encourage members to contribute to her campaign on their own, invite her to the fundraiser, and arrange as much local publicity for her as we can.


The Board acted as a committee of the whole to brainstorm plans for the August 13 fundraiser for Democratic candidates.  The event will be a buffet breakfast at the Doyle Center from 8 to 10 a.m.  The facility is reserved from 7 to 11 a.m.  Other decisions made include:

Draft title:   Loteria Breakfast for Democrats

Income:  $20 for the buffet and $1 per card for the Loteria game

Buffet menu:  tacos with three choices of filling (egg/bacon, egg/chorizo, and egg/potato, provided by Jackie Morales and her mother
                      coffee and drinks bar provided by Lynette and Tony Wedig
                      pinto beans and paper cups for serving provided by Julie Sentell

          fresh fruit
          fruit breads  

Mary Ellen will secure volunteers for the non-assigned items.  Coral and Stephanie will provide real plates, but other serving items may be disposable.

We will plan for 50 people to attend.

Decorations:  Lynette will ask Stormy Armstrong what she has on hand.

Game:  Loteria supplies to be purchased or collected by Stephanie Ertel along with simple prizes.  Jackie will see if Claudia is open to have one prize be Café con Claudia. Others could be candidate memorabilia, humorous trinkets, a “Marguerita with Beto” (the Beto in this case being a local restaurant owner.

Advertising:  Coral will send out a save-the-date message to the membership and follow up in the next newsletter.  Newspaper publicity is anticipated, perhaps around a visit by Claudia Zapata, candidate for US Congress.  Jackie will follow up on this and see if some professional campaign literature is available.  

Jackie or Lynette will bring a blue tooth speaker for music.

As 12:30 approached the Board postponed the remaining agenda items to the July meeting.  Meanwhile Lynette will contact Kat Walker to see if she is willing to continue to be our Facebook administrator and Judy Campbell to confirm that she is willing to continue as webmaster.  Members suggested various candidates for Legislative Chair and Parliamentarian.  Julie will have a proposed budget for the July meeting.

Lynette adjourned the meeting at 12:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ellen Summerlin, Secretary