Meeting Minutes December 7, 2021

HCC-TDW General Meeting.
KROC and Zoom, December 7, 2021
Call to Order
President Stephanie Ertel called the meeting to order. She led the group in the Pledge to the
US flag. Then she led us in the pledge to the Texas flag.
Introduction and Kamala Quiz Moment
Stephanie told us about Kamala Harris, our US Vice President, being in charge of the National
Space Council. They study and recommend ideas and information about space and space
travel. She is Chairman of this Council. Stephanie Quizzed everyone on Kamala’s things. Her
favorite jewelry is pearls. She represented which state in Congress? California was the state.
She was a Senator from California. Also, which person’s seat did she fill when they left
Congress? The answer was Barbara Boxer.
Treasurer’s Report
Julie Sentell gave a report and also a handout to follow. Total dues that came in, $160,
Fundraising Breakfast $830, membership contributions $365, Luncheon $$420, Total Revenue
Expenses, Legal/Services $50, Program Honorarium $100, Luncheon expenses $405.93. Total
expenses, $555.93. Total current assets, $4,333.04.
President’s Comments
Stephanie talked about the executive meeting finally at the refurbished Doyle Center. She
talked about what the changes are and how well things look.
Stephanie talked about that there are a number of democrats running for governor against
Governor Abbott. There is Beto running and one other person. There are also some democrats
running for other state and local offices. We will invite speakers to come to our meetings to
speak in the future.
Vice President Lynette and Programs
Lynette talked about the January meeting. It will be about “101 on primaries”. It will also be
about the importance of primaries. The March meeting there is a conflict because of the
primaries. We will wait until January to make a decision on the March date.
Legislative Report
Mary Ellen talked about the fact that Legislative maps might have to be redrawn. She said Beto
is running for Governor and will energize us. There is a female running for the chair of the State
Democratic Party. At the state Convention Kim Olsen will be given equal time to speak, as the
incumbent, Gilbert Hinojosa. There is also another person in north texas that will be running for
state chair, too. Matthew Dowd will be speaking at a meeting near us, Roddy Tree Ranch.
Program Introductions
Lynette introduced the speaker, Beth Palmer. Lynette first talked about her connection to Light
on the Hill, the camp, Mustard Seed Ministries, and the purposes of this organization.
Beth began her talk about Light on the Hill, Mustard Seed Ministries, going back to the
beginning of 2019. She talked about the Methodist Church getting things started with the Rio
Texas Conference, David Payne, pastor, and filing for 501c3. This place is known as Hub of
Hope, Light on the Hill. Since 2019, we have been writing grants and getting grant money to
keep funding this program. We have had grants of money and time from some people. Beth
said one month they had about 269 unpaid services. The food pantry is Mustard Seed
Ministries. We have a RN nurse that helps people, sometimes finding the right medical agency
to help. Light on the Hill has meetings of agencies to plan how to help people in the community.
Sometimes there are 65 agencies at these planning meetings. We host Families and Literacy
and use Kerr Konnect for transportation for our clients. Our organization has worked hard to be
in the black financially. Beth does grant writing to help with raising funds.
When covid happened it changed how we did things. In March Of 2020 we changed how we do
things. We changed to a food pantry. The first of each month we partnered with the San
Antonio Food Bank. It started with 500 families who needed help, now we have about 250
families that we serve on a regular basis.
We serve 12,409 families, 34,000 people, and 900,000 pounds of food. We try to have
relationships with people, even with car deliveries.
We are now working on some housing and transportation problems. We started working on “
hand up housing”. We help people achieve their goals by them, helping themselves.
We are restoring old cabins for needed housing.
Light on theHill also discovered we have three miles of trails for a new exercise program. We
have a “low ropes” course for the community to use.
Beth showed a video,in closing, of a typical Monday morning food truck delivery and handout to
the public.
Minutes of Last Meeting
The minutes of the last meeting in November were approved as presented.
Coral said her car was full of donated items to be presented to Mustard Seed Ministry, given by
members of the group.
Kerr Konnect announced that they have a waiting list of people needing help getting to places in
the city. They need a lot more drivers that can donate time to help.
Coral also talked about members donating time to help fix backpacks. This event will be at
Coral’s house. Please let her know if you can help.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:00.
Submitted by Linda Stegall, Secretary