Meeting Minutes


Hill Country Chapter Texas Democratic Women

Doyle Community Center

November 29, 2022

Present:  Coral Adema, Audra Arr, Stephanie Ertel, Vice-President Sarah Lewis, Sylvia Ostos, Treasurer Julie Sentell, Secretary Mary Ellen Summerlin, and President Lynette Wedig

Absent:  Judy Campbell, Jackie Morales, Kat Walker

Lynette called the meeting to order at 10:08.  The minutes of the meeting of October 25, 2022, were approved unanimously.

Julie reviewed the November Revenue and Expense Report.  The balance on hand is $2642.78.  Membership renewals have begun to come in, 29 so far.  The donation check to Irene Rios was finally cashed in October.  Julie had voided the second check to Judge Rios.

Lynette reported information about the needs of the Doyle Center food pantry.  Lola Flores, the food pantry coordinator brought in a list of food items which Coral will send out with the meeting notice.  Those who prefer to donate cash can contribute to the cost of a new refrigerator which Ms. Flores explained is needed for increasing amounts of eggs and dairy products distributed weekly.

Lynette reported that the Membership Committee, chaired by Dolores Schroeder, and including Ginger Cade and Marilyn Davis, has met and discussed encouraging renewals through the newsletter and a mailing after Christmas.

Lynette will attend the state convention in Austin February 3-5, 2023 and invited anyone else who would like to attend to make plans.

Sylvia presented several draft amendments to the bylaws to address the possible need for board members to resign or be replaced.  After discussion she agreed to prepare a final version  to recommend as well as an appropriate section to which it can be added.  Amendments to the bylaws must be read at one meeting before they can be voted on at the next meeting.

Lynette reported for the Communication Committee that they are working on the master list of registrations, administrators, passwords, renewal dated, etc. connected with our various media providers.

The Program Committee, consisting of Lynette, Sarah, and Audra, met yesterday.  They plan for the spring meetings to focus on action items around issues likely to come before the Legislature this session.  Each meeting will have an expert on the issue for the month to provide education and advocacy advice.  Sarah expects to gather program ideas and possible resource people at the MAGA (Mothers Against Greg Abbott) Lead Strategy Session.  The organization plans to pivot from supporting Beto O’Rourke for Governor to advocating with the Legislature.

In January the committee hopes to have Clayton Tucker, the state party executive committee member from Senate District 24, discuss the party’s plans for this Session.  The discussion led to brainstorming several ideas for possible programs including school vouchers, the pink tax, amending the abortion ban to protect victims of rape and incest, enforcement of impaired driving laws, gun control, and the so-called “alien invasion.” 

The committee may plan a trip to TDW Lobby Day and a panel discussion on running for office in hopes of encouraging more women to run for local offices.

Lynette adjourned the meeting at 11:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ellen Summerlin, Secretary

Hill Country Chapter

Texas Democratic Women

Regular Meeting Minutes

October 4, 2022

Before the call to order Lynette Wedig, president, introduced the trio, Babes for Beto, who were passing through Kerrville on their campaign through rural Texas urging non Democrat voters to vote for Beto.  They sang two of their songs to enthusiastic applause.

Lynette called the meeting to order at Rails, a Cafe at the Depot in Kerrville, TX, October 4, 2022 at noon.  She led the group in the pledges to the American and Texas flags, and made announcements of the state convention next February, the collection envelopes for the backpack project, and thanked Judy Campbell for producing new nametags for everyone.  She reported on the donation of $200 for the club earned by four members (Lynette, Stephanie Ertel, Coral Adema, and Bonnie Powers) who volunteered to take part in a jury selection competition for law students at St. Mary University in San Antonio.

In the absence of Sarah Lewis, vice-president, Lynette introduced Becky Palomo, who is running for a position on the 4th Court of Appeals, which covers the largest area in Texas.  Lynette presented her with a donation of $400.

The minutes of September 6 were approved as printed.  Julie Sentell presented the treasurer’s report which showed a balance of $$4772.22 in the checking account as of September 30.  She reported the board’s decision to donate $400 each to Janet Dudding for State Comptroller, Susan Hays for Agriculture Commissioner, Kathy Jones-Hospod for Texas Senate, Irene Rios for 4th Court of Appeals, Pam Baggett for TX House of Representatives, Becky Palomo for 4th Court of Appeals, and $700 to Rochelle Garza.

Audra Arr gave the legislative report focusing on the issue of immigration but also reviewing several Congressional bills that deserve our attention.  She reported that Senator Cruz and Representative Roy both voted against the latest funding for Ukraine.

Lynette reported that Sarah Lewis is head of the newly formed Hill Country Chapter of the Mothers Against Greg Abbott and introduced Michelle Solis, the MAGA Communications Lead.  Michelle reviewed the history of MAGA’s founding by Nancy Thompson and discussed the organization’s four goals for this campaign:

            Be loud and everywhere

            Voter registration

            Webinars with candidates

            Get out the Vote

Lynette reminded everyone to take a packet of postcards Sarah designed for our own outreach to irregular women voters in Kerr, Gillespie, and Bandera counties.  They should be mailed October 16.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ellen Summerlin, Secretary