Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the General Meeting on Friday – October 1, 2019 – 11:15am

KROC 201 Holdsworth Drive Kerrville, TX 78028

Call to Order

The president, Sylvia Ostos, called the meeting to order at 11:45am.

Pledges to the Flags

Members and visitors stood to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America flag, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Texas flag.


Sue Bentc from the Gillespie County Democratic Party gave an inspirational talk in honor of National Hispanic month. She quoted Justice Sonia Sotomayor famous speech “Don’t let fear stop you….”

Introduction of Guests by President Ostos

The president (Lydia Rogers) and secretary (Rennea Henn) from the Comal County Democratic Women Chapter attended the HCTDW October luncheon. Also in attendance were Sara Woods and Mary White.

Opening Remarks by President Ostos

After welcoming everyone, Sylvia spoke of her email being hacked. She reminded everyone that HCTDW does not raise money or ask for donations unless it has been announced at one of our meetings.  If you receive a message please notify the proper authorities at . Forward the email to the FTC at this email address.  No further action is needed.

Secretary’s Report

Two copies of the September meeting minutes have been placed on each table. The September meeting minutes had an error.  A correction was noted that the meeting was on Tuesday not Friday.  The minutes were approved as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report by Bob Shipman

Copies of Revenue and Expense Report for September 2019 were placed on each table. The beginning bank balance on September 1, 2019 was $1183.96.  The ending report balance on September 30, 2019 totaled $828.91.  Bob reminded HCTDW that renewal membership forms are on each table and at the sign in table.  There being no questions about the report it will be filed for audit.

Lunch/ Meeting Report by Linda Stegall

Meeting luncheon went smoothly. Sylvia asked that all HCTDW members make reservations and inform Linda if he/ she is unable to attend because Kroc charges HCTDW for the number of meals Linda turns into the chef.

Membership Report by Barbara Young (given by Sylvia Ostos)

The membership chairman is out of town. President Sylvia Ostos reminded all present that the new membership drive begins today (October 1, 2019).  All who have been members should renew their membership and welcome those who are new.  For your dues you receive:  1) a yearbook, 2) get to see there are other Democrats in the Hill Country, 3) become part of a state organization, and 4) hear how important it is to be part of this larger organization.  Dues are $20.  This is divided:  HCTDW $10 and the state TDW $10.  There are several other levels of membership.  Sylvia encourages each of us to join above the basic membership.  If you choose to be one of those special members the amount above the $20.00 goes to the state TDW.  If you wish to help with local expenses you need to give cash or write a separate check to be designated for our local HCTDW.

Fundraising Report by Sue Sommers

Sue reported on the ‘Breakfast Around the World’ fundraiser which will be held October 26 at the Riverside Nature Center, 8-10 am. The purpose of the fundraiser is to increase the HCTDW bank balance.   The cost of a ticket is $25.   Evites have already been sent.  Also there will be surprise packages.

Legislative Report by Stephanie Ertel

Stephanie encouraged people to vote on November 5. This election will be strictly about amendments plus it will be a test about voter registration.  If a person experiences problems voting, he/ she will find out at this time.  Also it is a federal law that each state drivers license have a star (Real ID) imprinted on it by October 2020.  Stephanie reported on the 10 Constitutional amendments that will be voted on in November.

Newsletter and Website Report by Jeannie Berger

Deadline to receive information is October 17, 2019.

Program speaker introduced by Bunny Bond

Maria Regalado, 2019-2020 State President of the Texas Democratic Women, spoke to HCTDW about immigration along the Texas border and the organization Texas Democratic Women (TDW). In Hidalgo county, where Mrs. Regalado lives, Hispanic citizens live in fear that they will be stopped by DPS officials and they won’t have the correct documents.  Mrs.  Regalado told several stories about the residents, their inability to vote, how police arrested undocumented workers, and her role in solving the issues.  She stressed that DPS and other law enforcement officials (like ICE) frequent the area.  She said that it was nice coming to Kerrville because DPS weren’t everywhere.  Respite centers are no longer in the United States but are located in Mexico, specifically in Matamoras because Reynosa is too dangerous.  The respite centers have enough money for food, but not for beds.  Secondly, Maria Regalado spoke about the Texas Democratic Organization (TDW) and how its programs unite women and empower them to be a center of power.   She stressed how we need to help others.

Questions asked by HCTDW members and Mrs. Regalado’s answers:

Q:  How much does a green card cost?  A:  About $1000

Q:  How long does a green card take to process?  A:  Between 7 months and 33 months

Q:  Are there organizations in the Valley that help with green card costs?  A:  No

Suggestions by HCTDW members to help others with immigration status:

Volunteer your services to help others complete forms at the local libraries, Family Literacy,

and the United Methodist Church.


  • Sue Bentc from Gillespie County Democratic Women spoke about October activities in Gillespie County. On October 19, 2019 there is going to be a Meet and Greet in Fredericksburg for US Senator candidate MJ Hegar. See copy of invite below.

hegar invite

Upcoming in Fredericksburg there is going to be a movie night at the Fredericksburg Convention Center. The movie is the documentary The River and The Wall.  The cost is $10 person.

  • Coral Adema spoke about the Backpack Program. Because immigrants are forced to stay in Mexico it has been difficult to get backpacks to people. Coral continues to make backpacks but she is running out of room to keep them. The Interfaith Welcome Coalition (IWC) that sponsors the backpack movement is holding a Bold Border Action in San Antonio on October 26 from 1-3pm. People are needed. See Coral Adema or Stephanie Ertel for details.
  • Val Ostarch reminded people of the Swing Blue event this Sunday (October 6, 2019). It is sponsored by the Kerr County Democratic Party and will be held at the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center from 4-8pm.
  • Lydia Rogers reported on the activities the Comal County Democrats have been sponsoring.

Adjournment by Sylvia Ostos

The meeting was adjourned by President Sylvia Ostos at 1:15pm.

Submitted by Shannon Palmquist, Secretary