Meeting Minutes


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Minutes of the General Meeting on Tuesday, March 10, 2020

KROC 201 Holdsworth Drive Kerrville, TX 78028

Call to Order

The president, Sylvia Ostos, called the meeting to order at 11:45 a.m.

Pledges to the Flags

Members and visitors stood to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Texas flag.


Inspiration was provided by Sandra Haldeman. She spoke of two women of integrity and courage who proved inspirational to her and many other women—Dorothea Lang and Dr. Priscilla Day Boekelheide, MD. They both epitomized an exceptionally strong commitment to others, persistence, and teamwork. 

Introduction of Guests by President Ostos

Sylvia welcomed guests to the March meeting of the Hill Country Texas Democratic Women. 

Opening Remarks by President Ostos

Besides welcoming guests and members to the March meeting of the Hill Country Texas Democratic Women, Sylvia thanked everyone for attending despite the two things working against the group this month. First, the change in meeting date because of the election. Our general meeting was postponed one week because of the primary election day which occurred on the HCTDW usual meeting day. Sylvia recognized the workers who worked the polling places during the election. There were about 12 of us in attendance. She stated that there were more than two million Texans who voted in the Democratic primary. Sylvia also commended the Texas Freedom Network group in the Rio Grande Valley that worked tirelessly to support a candidate that encourages Democratic views. The second reason Sylvia was pleased to have so many in attendance was because of the worry about the Coronavirus and the apprehension of being in a crowd. She reminded all of us to use basic common sense to deter the virus—don’t stand too close to others, wash hands frequently, and use antibacterial lotion or soap. Then she mentioned that her husband was storing food in preparation of the virus coming to Kerrville.   If any of us became hungy we were welcome at her house because they have plenty. Sylvia received a big laugh and broke all tension/concern in the room. Lastly Sylvia mentioned that email hackers have been busy requesting money and other items. She suggested that all emails that do not contain her name followed by the association’s initials should be deleted immediately. If you receive such an email, report it to your webmaster.

Secretary’s Report

The February minutes were approved as printed and posted.

Treasurer’s Report

Bob Shipman stated that HCTDW’s ending bank balance for February was about the same as January (about $4500). Currently HCTDW has 114 members. No objections were stated and the report was filed for audit.

Executive Board Actions

No report.

Nominating Committee Report

The HCTDW nominating committee for new officers will put their report in the next newsletter. The members of the nominating committee are Kathleen Keller, Bunny Bond, and Heather Farmer. The election of officers is at our April meeting.

Membership Report

Barbara Young announced that the 2020 HCTDW Membership Directories may be picked up at the registration table. She restated that currently HCTDW has 114 members.

Legislative Report

No report

Lunch/ Meeting Report and Newsletter and Website Report

Linda Stegall was thanked for taking reservations. Jeannie Berger was thanked for putting out another excellent newsletter.

Fundraising Report by Sue Sommers

Sue Sommers reminded us that the 2020 Fundraiser is scheduled for March 21 from 6-10 p.m. The event will be held at the Guadalupe Basin Resource Center in the lecture hall, 125 Lehman Drive in Kerrville. The fundraiser will be a movie titled The Life and Times of Mollie Ivens. Ticket prices are $7.00. Sue also reassured everyone that everything was under control. Stephanie Ertel will be at the back of the room selling fundraiser tickets and providing Sponsor Forms.  Stephanie told us that there were only about 30 tickets left. Sue pointed out that two items for sale at the silent auction were being modeled by Barbara Young, wearing a lovely jacket, and Susan Collins, wearing tasteful earrings.

Program speaker introduced by Bunny Bond

Bunny Bond introduced Richard Castanon from the U.S. Census Bureau. Mr. Castanon spoke of the dates that this year’s census letters were to be mailed—March 11, 2020. He said that the census letters contained only 9 questions and were very noninvasive. This census asked for less information than the voter registration application. He stated that the US Census Bureau had accounted for the large homeless population, and how to take their information. He spoke of the Awareness Campaign that will be switched to the Motivation Campaign on April 1.  Mr. Castanon stressed that the census information was not shared with any other organization for 72 years. 

Websites he suggested for further information: and

New Business/Announcements

  • Bunny Bond encouraged each of us to volunteer for the Election Board. This board works with all mail-in ballots.
  • The Refugee Backpack Program is in progress. If anyone wants to know further information, contact Coral Adema.
  • Sylvia reminded us April is the HCTDW annual meeting of record. We will be electing the officers for 2020-2021. Anyone wishing to run from the floor is encouraged to do so at that time.

Adjournment by Sylvia Ostos

The meeting was adjourned by President Sylvia Ostos at 12:50 p.m.

Treasurer’s Report