Meeting Minutes

February 1, 2022

Welcome and Pledge

President Stephanie Ertel welcomed everyone to the February meeting of Texas Democratic Women of Kerrville. Stephanie talked about the winter weather that we could have in the near future.  Everyone remembered the weather from last year and all the problems that it caused. We then stood and said the US pledge to the flag and the Texas pledge to the flag.

Opening Remarks

Stephanie talked about the US Vice President, Kamala Harris. Stephanie said that she just

found out that Kamala was at the Democratic Headquarters last year during the January

Insurrection. Someone planted a bomb outside the DNC Headquarters at that time of the

insurrection. Kamala has also been involved in the investigation of the Milwaukee lead pipe

issue and many of the infrastructure plans.  Kamala will be going to Honduras for the ceremony,

inauguration, of the new president.

More business news from Washington concerned the retiring of Steven Breyer from the US

Supreme Court. Biden will be working on a replacement. He has decided to appoint an African

American woman for the court, because he promised this during his presidential campaign.

Congress has to vote on his choice.

The question for this meeting was, What does Kamala mean? The members in the group did

not know.  It is Sanskrit and means “lotus”. Another Question, Where was Sandra Day

O’Connor born? She was born in Texas.

Minutes of last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were on the tables. They were being read before the meeting. Stephanie asked if there were any corrections to the minutes. There were not any corrections to the minutes and they were filed as written.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report for this month was on the tables. Total Revenue $746, Dues paid to TDW$60 and $125 to the state TDW. Total Revenue this month $746. Expenses $772.17 with a loss of $26.17. Total current assets $4,327.75

Other Business and Announcement

1.   We are looking for people who want to serve as an officer in our organization for next

2.     “The Lead”, a radio program, wants some of our members to go on his program and
talk about our organization.

3. Jackie, our membership chair, is on zoom, because she works at the hospital and has
been worried about the virus.

4. We encourage everyone to be involved in the upcoming primary. We have a few people
in races that we will all be voting on soon.

5. Please renew your membership. We will be sending out applications to those who have
not yet renewed.

6. The Texas State Convention is coming up soon. It will be at the Holiday Inn Midtown in
Austin. You can register, on line, for the whole weekend. Saturday is the business meeting.
And Amanda Edwards is the speaker at the Saturday night dinner.

7. The State of the City Luncheon was cancelled and moved to a different date.

Legislative Report

Andrew Murr gave a speech recently about voting and the new rules. He says that you can’t

send a lot out by mail. Republicans want everyone to vote in person.

Today’s Speaker on Zoom (Candidate Attorney General)

The speaker for today is Rochelle Garza. Her father was a judge and her mother was a loan

officer at a bank. My parents have been fighting for civil rights all their lives. The people in

Texas need to stand up for a choice, for me over Paxton. Ken Paxton has been involved in a

personal court case for years. He has been at Trump Rallies and endorsed by Trump and the

Republicans. We need a Democrat to work on the electric grid and make sure it does not fail us

again. We need to work on electric price gouging. Just like what happened to some people

during the big freeze. Paxton has not worked on this problem. He did not work on

accountability for this winter problem or consumer protection or civil rights.

During the question and answer time, members asked about Paxton’s court case and time and

money wasted on his own personal lawsuit. Paxton sued the federal government about his

family issues. He sued about the ACLU Act. Most people benefit from the ACLUAct. He is

suppose to be the attorney for “the people”. We need to work on child support issues, because

this part of the state government is under funded and under supported.

Lastly, on voting rights, the state government has been told to use the old records to verify

names and addresses for voting.

I am working in major city areas and have used Univision Texas, which has shown a lot of her

political information while running for the office of Attorney General of Texas.

Backpacks and Outreach

Coral said members of her group meet at her house to work on outreach projects. They will meet next on February 10 at 10:00. She says that they listen to the Interfaith Welcome Meeting while they work on packages to handout to people traveling through Texas.

Next Meeting

March 8 is the new date of the meeting, because of voting on the March 1 primary.  Kim Olson is the speaker. She lives in Mineral Wells, Texas. She is running for the Texas State Democratic Party Chair.


Please help test out the voting in the primary. This will let us know if there will be problems for

voting in November.


Thank you for being here in person. Remember next meeting is a new day, MarchS. The

meeting closed at 1:00.

Linda Stegall, Secretary