Sylvia Ostos: A Remarkable Leader

Sylvia Ostos of Gillespie County has led the chapter since May 2019. Members will have a special opportunity at the May 4 meeting to thank Sylvia for her leadership through unexpected and unique challenges.

Sylvia’s first term began in 2019 as we looked ahead to exciting elections and planned fundraisers to support the organization and candidates. In March 2020, everything changed with the pandemic lock-down. The Molly Ivins movie and fundraiser was cancelled and the silent auction went on line. Elections and meetings could no longer take place in person.

As a result of Sylvia’s leadership, our chapter was able to contribute significant amounts to state campaigns, with wins in the State Board of Education and the 4th Court of Appeals. The challenges of Zoom and social distancing were met with calm determination, setting the stage for a return to “normal” in the ’21-’22 year with at least 100 members. This photo taken at the Lots of Love Food Drive last February for Mustard Seed Ministries at Mt. Wesley captures Sylvia’s leadership. She is carrying two sacks of food while dressed in red with her heart pin in the spirit of the event and wearing her mask to protect members who were driving through and dropping off food.

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