HCTDW Online Survey

Please take a couple of minutes to respond to this short survey.

We are seeking feedback on how the Hill Country Texas Democratic Women’s organization is serving you.  We’re also looking for committee chair volunteers!

Hit this link to go to the survey:         HCTDW Online Survey

2 thoughts on “HCTDW Online Survey

  1. I, Linda J. Seymour, am inquiring about the delivery of my mail-in election ballot. I would like to hand deliver it as soon as I have voted. Could you please tell me where I can take it?
    Thank you very much.
    Linda J. Seymour


    1. Mail in ballots can be sent through the post office OR
      Taken to the tax office at the courthouse before or on the day of the election. Must have photo ID to present with the ballot.
      If unable to walk into the tax office you are supposed to be able to call the office and someone will come to your car to collect your ballot and check your photo ID.

      There are no boxes for ballot drops as in some other states.


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