February Meeting

Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 11:00 a.m.

Ray and Joan Kroc Center, 201 Holdsworth Drive, Kerrville

Luncheon cost: $15 per person

Reservation deadline: Thursday, January 30, 2020

Reservations for the luncheon are due no later than Thursday, January 30, 2020 the only reservation contact is Linda Stegall; phone 830-257-2795 or click on this link to her email: lindastegall@hotmail.com.      

Payment for meal reservations, when not canceled, should be made to the treasurer, as HCTDW is responsible for paying for all reservations. To cancel a reservation, call or write Linda Stegall at the above phone number or email. (Please do not reply to this newsletter to make or cancel reservations.)

To attend the program only, starting at 11:40, advise Linda Stegall so that the necessary seating will be available. The meeting is open to the public.

The luncheon is a home-style buffet which includes beef lasagna, caesar salad, savory green beans, garlic bread sticks and Italian cream cake.  The cost of the luncheon is $15. 


Meet and Greet 2020 Democratic Primary Election Candidates

Twenty-one candidates were invited to attend the February meeting and be introduced with a few minutes to speak about their campaign.The chart below lists the office and the candidates who will be on the ballot in one or more of the counties served by the Hill Country TDW chapter. Please note that the list below is alphabetical.

President’s Message

As I write this article, we are having much needed rain. Reading the news reports of the record heat we experienced in the last decade and the terrible fires in Australia I appreciate the cool weather we have and the rain even more. However, our electricity is off so I am taking a forced break from the TV news. This is frustrating since I planned to watch the historical activity in the U. S. Senate as the House managers presented the articles of impeachment of President Donald John Trump. I wanted to see how the rules/traditions set in place by our founders were followed. When so many today disregards or belittle them, it was satisfying to me to know some rules/traditions are still important.  

I love to go to the movies, and in the past few weeks I have seenIt’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, the story about Fred Rogers; Little Women and 1917. Each reminded me of the dedication and honor depicted in each story. Mr. Rogers was dedicated to helping children understand and appreciate the different people and experiences that would come into their lives. Jo and Amy in Little Women were navigating the roles society had imposed on women in their era. Each faced their role with personal honor and family loyalty. The soldiers in 1917 were upholding the honor of fulfilling a task they were given, no matter the danger or the obstacles.

History is being made in Washington. Men and women will be remembered whether they acted with honor or just blind loyalty to power. If you need inspiration, I suggest you see one of the movies I mentioned or find a rerun of the testimony given by the brave civil servants who defied orders and spoke before the House committees. The reminder that rules/tradition still have a special place in civilization.


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