Message From Sylvia Ostos, HCTDW President

The board made the decision to cancel the April meeting because we want to be safe rather than sorry. This is a confusing time for all of us. The uncertainty is the worst part. We are getting so much information about the virus and what to do from the news and social media we have a hard time knowing what to believe.

My family, like yours, is being affected in many ways: self-quarantine, curtailing social events, entertainment canceled, trips to H.E.B. shortened, grandchildren home from school and graduation activities curtailed. One of the most jarring effects for me has been to learn I am in the “elderly” category due to my age. I don’t feel that term fits but seems others think of me that way. How about you? Shows we need to expand our membership to those younger age groups.

The board will be monitoring the situation closely in hopes we can have the May meeting as scheduled. The nominating committee report will be in this newsletter. We will be looking at ways the election can be held.

There have been many suggestions we can follow to help us cope with this situation. I especially like the tours of zoos, museums and National Parks you can find on line.   Until life gets back to normal stay safe, wash your hands, practice social distancing and check in with each other. We need to make sure we keep in touch with one another especially those who might not think they are important. A phone call or card would certainly let each of know someone cares.  


The following resolution was passed by the HCTDW elected officers: 

Resolved, that the regular meeting of the membership scheduled for April 7, 2020 be canceled in accordance with the recommendation of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the federal and Texas government that gatherings of 10 persons be avoided for at least 8 weeks from March 15, 2020 and notice of such cancellation be given to the membership through the newsletter, website and Facebook..

…and further resolved that the business of the Annual Meeting, including the election of officers, shall be postponed until the next membership meeting called by the Board of HCTDW. …and be it further resolved that should the U. S Centers for Disease Control or the federal or Texas government continue the current guidelines for number of persons allowed to gather, the May 5, 2020 meeting will also be canceled

Hill Country Texas Democratic Women will postpone “MOLLY’S SHOW” until a later date.


Your support for our Molly Ivins movie and fundraiser has been fantastic.  However, we have made the difficult decision to postpone Molly’s show to a later date after the current national health emergency is resolved. 

Thank you to our sponsors and those who donated to the silent auction.  We look forward to rescheduling this event when we can be safe, have fun and enjoy being Democrats together.

 Your movie reservations, both paid and pledged, will be honored at the new date.








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