September 2021

HCCTDW at the Kroc Zoom Recording

The link to the Zoom recording of our September meeting.  The part with our speaker, Victoria Salas from Interfaith Welcome Coalition in San Antonio, starts at 51 minutes and runs through 1:43, including the Q & A.

 The meeting actually starts at 25 minutes.  After the speaker, the screen did not switch back to the podium, so the Legislative report and invitation to make backpacks with Coral have clear voices with a black screen that says Kroc Podium. 

Skip to 25 minutes for the actual meeting, and to 51 minutes to watch the program, which lasts 52 minutes.

link to Zoom meeting

Passcode: ?3Mh6q&& 

One thought on “September 2021

  1. MY name is Marilyn MaC (McDonald). I moved to this area a year ago — after retiring from 26 years of teaching. I shared in my adult Sunday School about my struggle being in this area as a Democrat.
    I’m seriously thinking about moving back to one of My two home states – New Mexico or Colorado.
    I was told, after sharing that I’m not alone – and one lady invited me to your group. So I’m reaching out here to find ways to get to know you. PHONE: 970-456-2879 — email below


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