Message From Sylvia Ostos, HCTDW President

I am a big movie fan.  I enjoy adventure, comedy, mystery and romantic movies.  The one type I have not liked is horror. I have not enjoyed watching movies about a virus spreading around the world while scientists search for the cause or a cure. Even though I know there are many movies made along those lines, I never expected to be living in that storyline, yet, here we are.

There are many ways to describe what our lives have been like in the past, what we are living today and the uncertainty of the future. The one constant is that we are lucky because we have friends going through the same crisis. Our shared concern for each other keeps our spirits up. This has been a time for reaching out to each other in new ways and in most cases more often.

We don’t know what meetings will look like in the future. We want you to know that your board will continue to work together with the hope that we WILL start again in September.    

The elected officers signed the resolution which canceled the April meeting and covered the cancellation of the May meeting as needed. This was an easy decision because we listened to the doctors and people working hard to protect us. When it is safe to meet, we will do so within the restraints that will be put in place for gatherings of more than ten people.   `

We will again meet at the KROC. It strives to fill our needs each month with good food, a pleasant atmosphere and excellent AV equipment. We plan to have the fundraiser as soon as possible. Raising money to help those running for Texas state offices is very important and needed. Until then we hope you will continue to support candidates with your private donations.

We missed the annual meeting. We missed electing new officers.  We missed saying good bye for the summer. We miss seeing you. We may miss many things but we know we are not missing dedicated Democrats who want to work to get out the Blue vote. This is the time when our voices, our enthusiasm, our money and our votes are needed to bring sanity and hope to our state and nation.

Stay safe. Keep in contact. Find a new song to sing while you wash your hands the recommended amount of time. Don’t touch your face. Honor your and other’s space. Learn something new. Grieve for those we lose. Be thankful for all those on the front line working to keep us fed, streets and hospitals clean, and all the first responders in every area of society.  If you know someone in any of these areas be sure to say thank you.  Thanks to each of you for your membership in Hill Country Texas Democratic Women. We persist.











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