HCTDW Summer 2020

    HCTDW Summer 2020    We knew 2020 was going to be an exciting year as we Democrats worked to turn Texas and Washington, D.C. blue. However, it has certainly proved to be more of a challenge than we expected. Who could predict that March would be the last meeting of the 2019-2020 year? How could we have anticipated our fun evening with “Molly” fundraiser would be postponed? I guess some of us were paying attention to what was happening but I doubt many of us realized we would spend so much time under a “stay at home” order.  

You have just elected a new HCTDW Board via email. This is a first for us because our April annual meeting had to be canceled. The new officers are Sylvia Ostos, president; Stephanie Ertel, vice-president; Linda Stegall, secretary and Julie Sentell, treasurer. The board is trying new ways to do business without face (mask) to face (mask) meetings.  

Our first decision is that the “Molly” event is now canceled. If there is a way to show the movie before the end of the year we will do so. However, as of now your ticket price and sponsorship money has been designated as a donation. The funds will be sent to candidates running for offices in Texas. Should you wish to have your ticket price or sponsorship money returned, please let us know.    

Look for a special announcement concerning the silent auction items that were donated.  

Your board has had several meetings via Zoom. After much discussion it was decided that we will not attempt to have our regular luncheon meetings at the KROC starting in September. We believe it is much too dangerous for our members to attend meetings in a closed area at this time. We do not make this decision lightly because we had looked forward to seeing everyone in September. There is much we hoped to accomplish.  

The board will continue to explore ways we can meet. Streaming, Zooming, videoing and other possibilities for us to meet are being considered. All suggestions for how we can proceed with our association meetings are welcome. Send them to any of the board members.  

Our condolences to Susan Curtis on the death of her husband, John. Susan was our parliamentarian for 2019-2020. John was a frequent attendee.  

Memberships will continue to be accepted. Information concerning membership (joining or renewing) will be published as we get closer to the renewal process starting in October.  

Be sure to vote in the Democratic Party run-off election. You have a choice of candidates to nominate for U. S. Senator as well as Railroad Commissioner.  

Our PAC will donate to the candidates running for state offices. Now is the time to get behind these candidates: State Senator District 24 Clayton Tucker; State Representative District 73 Stephanie Phillips; State Representative District, 54 Joe Herrera; Board of Education Rebecca Bell-Metereau; Chief Justice Court of Appeals Rebeca Martinez. There are also several women running for Supreme Court and District Court of Appeals.  

We are receiving many requests for money from the various candidates. Remember your personal contributions to support our nominees for U. S Senator and U. S Representative District 21 should be sent directly to them. We all know how important it is to turn these offices BLUE.  

I think we can all agree that our number one priority is getting Joe Biden elected President. Whether he was our first choice or not, he is our Democratic candidate for President. In this time of pandemic, criminal justice challenges and economic failure, Biden has shown himself to be the leader who seems to understand our everyday concerns. I personally get excited each time I see him on TV and listen to him speak. We hope you are enthusiastic in making sure he is elected. Don’t be fooled by polls. Remember 2016 and that every vote counts.  

Writing letters to friends – Democratic, Republican and Independent – in support of these important nominees is crucial.  Reminding them to vote by mail, vote absentee or in person on election day means making that extra phone call or sending the extra email.  If you don’t know specific details about a nominee, the message ‘VOTE BLUE’ is a good reminder.  

Hill Country Texas Democratic Women is a vital association that we want to energize even when we can’t meet in person. That will depend in large part to how much you and we are willing to keep in touch with each other. Just because we can’t meet doesn’t mean we can’t be active with phone calls, emails and notes to one another. We Democrats care about each other and those in our community no matter their political choice. During these stressful times it is important that we have hope that this pandemic will be curbed. It is especially important that we keep thinking and talking about our very qualified BLUE candidates. We know how important this election is and it is up to each of us to do all the educating and supporting we can. Stay safe, think BLUE and let’s Make America United Again!  

Sylvia Ostos, HCTDW President                                                                                                   











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